Welcome to Dragonfly Rose Photography, by Anna M. Burdette.

I would like to start off by saying that I love photography. The ability to capture an image so that we can always look back upon it, even when our memories fade, is beautiful. I love trying to capture images of things/people/etc. from different angles, the way I see them. I also greatly enjoy photo manipulation, paintbrushes on my computer. I hope you enjoy what you see here and if you are looking for a photographer to capture your moments I would be honored to help you do that.

On this site, you will be able to find links to all of my photography work. I hope my work brings you as much joy, peace, and understanding as it does to me. And you will get to see a glimpse into how I see the world and how I help others feel as amazing as they truly are!

About Anna:


Anna M. Burdette, LMT, has been taking photos since High School! She first started getting into photography when she got an SLR camera on her 16th birthday. From then on she was hooked! She loves finding different angles and ways to portray her subject matter. This is what makes her photography unique and beautiful. She lives in Gardiner, Maine children, cat, and dog!